June 25, 2007

Tagged! A Monday Meme By Me!

See my tag? Get it? Tag? Tagged? I crack me up!

The royalest cat I know, HRH Yao-Lin, tagged me. I must obey!

1. Favorite season? I like Autumn. Cool smells, great napping weather, the fireplace, lots of sweaters to lay on!
2. Favorite colors? I have two. Blue and Green - those are the color of my eyes!
3. Favorite room? Wherever Daddy is. But I like the back porch a lot.
4. Do you like dogs? Hmmmm...not as a steady diet. Diamond is OK, sometimes. But other dogs, NO!
5. Ever been in an airplane box? No, and I hope I never do. I might have to do that when we move.
6. Do you have to get bathed? No, no no no no no and no! I am quite capable of keeping my machine clean!
7. Are you in love? Yea, with tuna, shrimp, and fake mousies. I do have a disturbing attraction to him.
8. Where would you like to travel to? My food bowl.
9. What do you ignore? The silent pleas for mercy from my fake mousies.
10. How many lives have you used up? Being formerly feral, I fear I've used up 3 of my 9.
11. Do you have any dark secrets? Not any more, see # 7.
12. What is your favorite holiday? Any day that puts HAM! in my belly - so probably Easter.
13. Water or milk? Water is fine. The occasional sip of milk is a taste treat though! And don't get me going on ice cream!
14. Why do you blog? For the complete answer look here.
15. Are you into extremes? Heck yes! Extreme shrimp eating, extreme HAM! snarfing, extreme napping, extreme sunbathing...the "extremes" go on and on and on...
16. Favorite TV shows? I like to watch Meerkat Manor - I also enjoy whatever makes my folks sit on the couch for a while - then I get to snuggle!
17. Are you a pesty lap cat? Pesty?!? Moi?!? PFFFT!!! My lap advances are always welcomed by the 'rents!
18. Inside or outside cat? I am happy to announce that I am a safe, content, INDOOR cat. This was not always the case.
19. What makes you happy? A Lot! Lesse', there is the big three - Shrimp, HAM! and Tuna Juice, then there are fake mousies, Daddy and Mommy of course, sunny nap spots, the big human bed, my back porch, kitty treats like Temptations, the feather wand, the fireplace in cool weather, rubbing my face all over the 'rents hands, getting carried like a baby, my Gizzy quilt, bird and squirrel watching, getting pony rides from the D.O.G., catnip sprinkled on our kitty steps, foam balls, when Mommy drops food on the floor, clean litter boxes, a pile of clean clothes fresh out of the dryer, comments from my pals, seeing Mommy walk through the door, sneak attacking my siblings from way high up, finding a lost toy under the couch, getting a surprise snuggle from daddy, a little chunk of cheese every once in a while, my Daisy snuggle, big kitty stretches and yawns...as you see, there are many things that make this kitty very happy. The thing that makes me happiest? Easy, I have a forever home!
20. Your most embarrassing moment? When Daddy coaxed me into the apartment he was staying in, I had no idea what a door or window was. I also had no idea what furniture was. And, the concept of a litter box was pretty foreign to me - I had no idea why he kept putting me in this box with crystal things in it! All in all, I had a lot to learn. Thinking back on it it now kind of embarrassing!


Anonymous said...

I really loved your answers! I love my fake mousies, too! I like to play tennis with them when my human are throwing them on me.

Dragonheart said...

Parker, I really enjoyed reading your answers. I guess you had to learn everything when you first came to your Forever Home - no need to be embarrassed! Ice cream is yummy, and blue and green are two of my favourite colours as well!

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

I love learning more and more about you...Monte

Lux said...

You sound like you like to eat about as much as I do! (That's a lot!)

Happy Monday!

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Very good answers, I totally agree with you with lots of them!

The Cat Realm said...

Thank you so much, that was very interesting! We do love shrimp and tuna juices very much too! And we are very happy that you found a safe home, we know how important that is, having been stray and feral ourselves.
A long way to go from the feral cat colony all the way to: CAT OF THE DAY! That's what I am today, check it out!
A beautiful Monday for you

Benjamin Fuzz said...

that's a great meme, parker!

mom says she's sorry we've not been around much lately. we're pretty low energy and sad. we're hoping that some day soon we'll get back to visiting and commenting. we do miss our friends.

ben fuzz

DEBRA said...


I enjoyed reading your answers and learned lots and lots about you.


Daisy said...

Good answers, Parker! I think I like to travel to my food bowl too. That is a funny dark secret you have there. I am just a little bit scairt of Tripper.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

ha ha ha ha yes you better obey my friend ha ha I am laffin!

Cant believe you are attracted to tripper. Maybe it is fate or something? I mean, he needs someone to keep him in line by all accounts he he oooh can I be best man at your civil ceremony?


Cyclone Cats said...

Parker, those are good answers. We knew before we opened up the link that it was Tripper! We think you should just ask him to teleport over sometime....and see how it goes!

Caesar and Princess said...

Parker, we are so happy you had that embarrassing moment :-) You had great answers to these questions

Happy Monday

小芥 michico said...

I like to know that you want to travel to the food bowl. Great answer~!

So happy to know you more, Parker~!
You are a awesome cat~!

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

It was great to get to know more about you. I know you felt embarrassed, but actually you should be proud that you got so far as to find a furever home!


Jeter and Mickey said...

deer parker,
yer secret iz owt ... i think "him" in #7 iz verree hansum an a eksellent noo york yankee fan.
i wuz also reedin back to why u blog an i see dat now u know howta link! grate job.
mi favrit baby squillion iz on hiz (or her) way to u. lemme know wen he (or she) gets dere!
luv--yer grate frend--jh

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

I love your answers, particularly about why you blog! Tripper is very interesting...

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Parker thank you for doing my meme...it is sure gettin around bloggy land:)
Well I know you told me not to....but I did it anyway...so now I am in trouble again hee hee!
Stop over and keep my company!
PS: I think tripper can find his way to O hi O. My lapdaddy is from there...it is a cool place.
Purrrrs Peachy