June 13, 2017

Powder - 4/1/1998 - 6/9/2017 - Dearly Loved, Deeply Missed

The Last Farewell -

Come with me my gentle love
and let me hold you near.
I'll soothe you with my softest words
and never mind the tears.
I'll whisper words of love to you
so you will always know...
how much my heart is breaking now
as I gently let you go.
We've traveled years and miles, we two,
you've been my constant friend.
And now the kindest gift I give
brings us to this end.
Your legs grew weak,
your eyes grew tired;
I watched time take its toll.
In my heart you're still the kitten
I held so long ago.
I cannot watch you suffer now,
my love is much too deep.
So close your eyes my little love,
I'll hold you as you sleep.
I'll stroke your soft, soft, silken fur
and gently ease the pain.
And pray to all the gods I know
that we will meet again.
I knew this day would come my love
I knew it from the start.
I did not know the price would be
a large piece of my heart.
I'll grieve for you because I must
I'll shed hot, heavy tears.
But the sorrow of this day won't dim
the love we shared for years.

~Constance Jenkins

Mere moments after arriving at their forever home 5/17/1998  - (Powder on right)

This awesome little creature was a constant part of our lives for 19 years.
How Powder got her forever home  -
Snoozing with her first dog-buddy, Jordan Circa 1998

Always enjoyed a good nap!

Loved Daddy's Skritches!
Knew the sound of the treat jar!
Mommy's Heart

Peek-A-Boo on our O-Hi-O deck
Always ready for a close-up
My lovely, calico baby...

As some of you may know from my Facebook page, Powder had a UTI that had been treated, but seemed to reoccur last week. Last Wednesday we went in to see our great feline veterinarian at Northland Cat Clinic . Labs were drawn, blood pressure was taken - Powder checked out great. The Vet even said that her kidney function was that of a cat 10 years younger than she was.  She had gained weight. She acted happy and frisky - even accepted the advances of our Vet and purred and arched her back when she was shown affection (very un-Powder-like!) Things were fine on Thursday morning - breakfast eaten and happy to relax and watch the world go by. Thursday night she seemed lethargic and she didn't want to eat (!). We coaxed a few bites, but all she wanted to do was snuggle around my neck. She shivered a bit, but I attributed that to the air conditioning and the fact that she had just received a lions cut - I just held her tight and she stopped shivering and began to purr in her normal fashion. We all fell asleep for the night. Things were much worse on Friday morning - no appetite, very weak and a bit disorientated. I called the Vet and we went right in.
Upon examination, her body temperature was very low. But even worse, her heart rate was decreasing by the minute. Powder was in heart failure. Our Vet explained that given her age, there were not many options and that her prognosis was "very guarded". After a few moments, her heart rate was checked again. Even lower than the last time. Our Vet then said, "I think she is making the decision for you". So for one last time, I held my little girl. We put her back on her travel bed and gently helped her to the Bridge. I had the privilege of  stroking her fur and looking into her eyes. Powder left us quickly and peacefully.
We know the grieving process far too well. We know that eventually it gets easier to think of her without the grief and the tears. But like all of the ones who came before - the absence of her being here  - well, it still hurts and stings like hell. We've loved every one of our fur kids - we know from the beginning that this is what you sign up for - and every time - with Jordan, Payton, Parker, Diamond and Puff - the pain swells and almost sweeps you under. But you get better. You have other little mouths to feed and fur to stroke and they need you and count on you. So, as each day passes, you get a little better. You start to smile when you think of them and cry a little less...

Until we meet again little girl. ❤
Semper in corde meo

April 1, 2017

Our Little April Fool - Happy 19th Birthday Powder

Guess Who is 19 Today?

This Girl!

We feel blessed to still have this little creature in our lives. Powder has been a part of our lives since Mommy and Daddy were married  - Powder was just a wee sprig back then. And to tell the truth, she never got much bigger. She's always weighed between 5 and 6 pounds. Such a little girl. Such a big mouth...she has the loudest meower out of all of us. As you can see, Powder thinks that she is large and in charge. Mommy says she's almost totally deaf, but she says the same thing about me - what??? Anyway - today we celebrate our littlest kitty, Mommy's heart and our darling Puff's littermate. Powder may be slowing down, but she still enjoys life and thinks that Mommy's lap is the best place in all of the world. 

Happy Birthday Powder!

Love from your brother - 

Rudy Toots - 
  Hi There Ladies - I know - I still got it!

April 1, 2016

Our 18 Year Old April Fool Kitty - Happy Birthday Powder!

Look who's celebrating her 18th birthday!
Circa 1998 - a mere kitten...
Some of you may remember that Powder is the sister of our beloved Puff who left us over a year ago. We adopted both Puff and Powder the weekend of our wedding in 1998. They were sisters. And like sisters, they had their differences. We all miss Puff, and we appreciate that Powder is still a part of our life. Powder is on meds for her thyroid and she sleeps quite a bit - that doesn't stop her from playing when she feels like it and guarding Mommy's lap. All in all she has a pretty great life.

I'm 18 and I'm Gorgeous! ('cept for the eye boogs)
There will be no foolin' around as we celebrate this tiny Calico kitty today, Powder has been around as long as we've been a family. That's saying a lot! So we will bust out the tuna, the 'nip and the Temptations -

Powder Rudy and Kharma working hard for the money...
Fletcher works hard too...
Rickey Tiki Tavey Says...
...never work when you can play with your buddy!
We'll leave you today with  Puff and Powder - their first day at their forever home. Mommy wishes her camera was better back in May of 1998 - but as you can see these two were destined for a long, awesome life, and thanks to them being good kitties, more of us got to live here! Happy Birthday Powder! We Love You!

August 9, 2015

Remember Us?

Hi there - I'm Kharma - remember me?

Lot's of stuff has happened since we posted for Powder's birthday last April. Some good, some not so much. I thought for those of you who are interested, now's a good time to share.

Rickey Tiki Tavi is both my best buddy and a great guy to wrrrassle with! Even though he can't hear nothin', he's a great playmate. We're both still young and need our kitty crazy time. He's taken after Rudy in the furs department. He came >>>thisclose<<< to a Lion cut. Mommy finally coaxed the tangles out, so he's safe for the time being.

Fletcher celebrated is 3rd Gotcha' day with us on June 1st. He's pretty cool for a dog. He spends his time trying out for the Cubs. He's a first class ball catcher. He's a great nap buddy too!

Powder is 17 and doing very well. She sleeps a lot, but Mommy says that she's reached the age where she can do just about anything her little kitty heart desires. Powder is "Mommy's Heart" - she's kinda' a one human cat...

Rudy Toots turned 16 on May 13th. He's just about the sweetest thing since sugar. Loves laps and naps. He can still chase down a Temptations treat with with the best of them! Everyone loves Rudy -  (even me - he bathes my noggin' and I love it!)

Parker Pie, dear Puff and Diamond Doggie are missed every day - always in our hearts...

So - the really bad - Mommy got pretty sick in June - it was scary.

Told you it was scary!
(I blurred Mommy's face)

She had a big Kidney Stone that made her kidneys shut down. She spent three days in the Eye-See-You, then another 4 days in Step-Down. The doctor wouldn't let her work for a month. Three surgeries, 5 squillion drugs and just as many naps later - she's almost as good as new...
Daddy took very good care of her - so did the doctors and nurses - she was hospitalized where she worked. 
Her kidneys are now working at 100% - YAY! If you haven't seen us on Facebook and Twitter, that's why we've been so quiet - we've been very busy nursing Mommy back to health.

So, we won't miss this summer too much. But I leave you with a pretty picture of Fletcher and with wishes that you are always kind to one another - you never know when ceiling cat might want you to come home...
Pretty cute for a rescue mutt!

April 1, 2015

Our April Fool's Kitten Turns 17! Happy Birthday Powder!

I enjoy naps...and treats...and singing the song of my people...
So...I'm the senior member of this family and I take my position seriously. I know I've been the quiet one on this blog, but since I lost my sister Puff last December, I need to speak up a bit more. We all miss her very much. Puff and I had the same birthday, but today we'll celebrate my birthday solo and I plan on spending it doing anything I want. Last year the 'rents found out I have hyperthyroidism and now I take tasty chicken flavored medicine that helps me feel good. I still play, enjoy the 'nip and sitting on Mommy's lap whenever she tries to sit down.
I use to be an obsessive groomer, but I stopped doing that a few months ago. I also decided that Mommy isn't allowed to brush me anymore. So...clumpy mat city happened. Dr. Webster had to take the clippers to my back. I'm now sporting a reverse Mohawk. It's not a look that every kitty can pull off, but I do - I look great!

I thought I would post a blog from my sister Parker from 2007 to commemorate that great day I came into this world. Thanks for visiting everyone - be kind - purr more and hiss less!


It's April Fool's Day and it's also the day in 1998 that my two calico sisters, Puff and Powder entered into this world. Born in a barn and destined to have a incredibly short, crappy life full of disease, hungry coyotes and extreme temperatures, these two gals hit the kitty jackpot. At the same time they were born Mommy and Daddy were getting ready to enter into wedded bliss and the only thing Mommy wanted for a wedding gift was a cat. Yup...one cat. Daddy already had a D.O.G. - a sweet guy by the name of Jordan. A Golden Retriever who was about the happiest, silliest canine around. So after the vows and the short, but very sweet honeymoon, Mommy and Daddy drove many, many miles into the flat and boring Southwest Kansas country for a calico (that was Daddy's only requirement).
They arrived at the farm and were directed to the barn. The people who lived there were not what you might call cat people. They were people who had cats in a barn. A lot of cats in the barn, an awful lot of cats in the barn! Mommy felt overwhelmed. Daddy searched till he found a little calico kitten who was busy chasing around with her littermates. He scooped her up, looked her over and called it good. Time to go, right? Well, not quite. Mommy had been looking around and noticed the ittyest, bittyest kitten (calico) in a bale of hay trying with all of her might to back her little butt into the hay so she wouldn't be noticed. This just made Mommy more determined to meet her and the closer Mommy got, the more this little ball of fluff burrowed and hissed and spit and hissed some more. Mommy was hooked by her determination. Daddy couldn't say no. So, in that awful barn in Kansas is where Mommy and Daddy started our little feline family. Puff and Powder got a great home, and as a result of them being incredibly cute and wonderful, more cats have been welcomed into this family, like ummmm - ME!
So Puff and Powder, thanks for not screwing things up for those of us who got to join you later. I hope we share the same food, bed, toys, windows, home and the love of our parents for many, many, many more birthdays to come. I really do love you more than tuna juice!

December 15, 2014

Puff - Heaven's Newest Bridge Angel

Puff (left) and Powder's First Meal at Home 5/16/1998
Rudy here - it's been a very sad time. Puff got very sick last week and made the decision to ask Mommy and Daddy to help her to the Bridge on Saturday morning. All of us thought that she'd do it her way and cross on her own, but she changed her mind and gave Mommy the "look". So, the 'rents called Puff's Vet and she said bring her in and she would help too. The vet did some prodding and found a mass in Puff's belly that she thought could be an aggressive, fast growing cancer. Cancer sux...
The 'rents have always called her the "Original Cat" because they got her from a farm barn the day after they were married. You can read that story here - Our Adoption Story
Mommy says it's a new family paradigm - the rest of us say smaller words like, it sux! The Vet said that Puff indeed was ready to cross to the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy and Daddy were there with her, stroking her fur and looking in her eyes telling her how much she was loved and that it was OK to go. It took less than 5 seconds, Puff was gone - I guess she was in a hurry to see Parker and Diamond and Jordan and Payton.
Our home seems different, there is still a lot of love, but there is some sad too. We all spent the weekend grieving our loss and trying to make the 'rents feel better. I guess it will just take time for our hearts to start to heal.
A Beautiful Girl - and She Knew It!

 Puff is currently at Wayside Waifs - her remains will be cremated and she'll return to us later this week. We know that her earthly remains are in very good hands. When she comes home, she'll rest next to Parker Pie's remains.
Daddy's Girl
The good news is that the rest of us seem to be quite healthy, Powder is the same age as Puff and she runs around like a little nut.I am still a healthy large and in charge Man Cat and Rickey Tiki Tavi tries to be just like me. He has a way to go if I do say so myself.

Puff did enjoy the 'Nip...
Kharma kitty is a sweet gentle girl - she so reminds us of Parker Pie - the resemblance is strong, but her personality is all her own. She's a loving, sorta quiet kitty who has become best friends with Rickey Tiki Tavi and (GASP!) Fletcher!
Happier Holidays...

Such A Floofy Girl!
The 'rents are going to leave her stocking up - we know that in spirit, she will be with us over the holiday season.

I wish Mommy's camera was better back then!
I'm going to leave you with a few more shots of the Puffster. Mommy said her beauty was only surpassed by her loveliness...

Her Basket For Her Final Trip...

I'll just say, she was a pretty awesome feline...
That's Me!

December 18, 2013

A Few Words From the 'Rents - New Beginnings

Get a beverage of your choice, this is a long one...
Me at the HSoAC circa 2012- my home away from home and my heart. I'm lovin' on Meowser, he got adopted into a great home after a year at the shelter.
The first photo I took of our home in O Hi O to share with hubby back in Kansas City.
Our last day in Kansas City - July 2007, you can read all about that day here.

So many things have happened over the last few months, but the most significant change is that we have decided to follow our hearts and move back to Kansas City Missouri! O Hi O has been a great experience, many happy memories and some sad ones as well, but the time is right to start again in the land of BBQ, great activities, great people and Wayside Waifs!
The Hardest Part of Leaving? Right Here...

I have been honored to be a part of this great organization for the last two and a half years. It's going to break my heart to say good-bye when I walk out of the doors for the last time. If you ever want to see the meaning of dedication in action, spend a day there with the staff and volunteers. It will blow you away. They live the mission every day, and the animals that find their way into the shelter are treated with love and respect. If you have to be a shelter animal, this is where you want to be waiting for your forever home!

So, looking back, what's happened with us over the last seven years?
Here's the happy stuff - 

The reason we moved, my job at this great hospital. 

Ricky-Tiki Tavi - the first photo of him, he literally just showed up on our front porch.

He may be deaf, but that doesn't slow him down or make him any less a gorgeous house panther!

Fletcher - the first photo of him with his very happy Dad.

A few months later - Kharma Kitty. Helping fill a Parker sized hole in our hearts.

Lookit' that face! She is so awesome and loving. We know Parker Pie had a paw in this choice!

Christmas in the big house is always a treat. Parker loved the tree!

It was a joy living here!

The warmer weather was a joy as well.

Not everything was happy in our lives - we suffered some great losses. Heartbreaking ones.
We lost our beloved Parker on May 24th, 2012. It's a loss that still stings.

World famous for her smoochies, she left a hole in our hearts. 

A year later, Diamond Doggie decided to join Parker at the Bridge. Another devastating loss so soon after Parker. He was such a good dog and loved us unconditionally for over 11 years. 
Who was a good boy? You were Diamond.

May 1st, 2002 - May 31st, 2013. Always faithful, forever loved.

 But this guy needed a home.

And he fits in perfectly!

So my friends, we begin another chapter in our lives. Back to a familiar city, back to friends and family that we have missed very much. 2014 will be a year of changes, Hopefully more good ones than bad. We'll celebrate one last holiday here in O Hi O then strike out with our furry family to KC. Please wish us luck. We'll still be here on the "internets" - just a little further west.

I have one favor to ask of you. If you can find it in your heart to send a small donation to our little shelter here in Ohio, please click here and donate. Please tell them it's for helping Fletcher and Kharma find their forever homes with Parker's family. They really need the help - and remember - it's good Kharma!

Smoochies from all of us - The 'rents, Puff, Powder, Rudy, Ricky-Tiki-Tavi, Fletcher and Kharma.

And, Puff, Powder and Rudy want you to know that they are all doing fine and look forward to going back to KC and show the new kids the ropes out there.

Yup - we do!