March 23, 2007

My Mommy Cheats On Us But It's OK

Originally posted 3/12/07

Today is one of the days my Mommy leaves us and sees other cats! She is a volunteer at Wayside Waifs ( It is Kansas City, Missouri's largest animal shelter and has been around since the 1940's. Mommy helps adopt kitties there. Today is one of the T.V. days for kitties, and her job is to pick a kitty and take them on TV to try and find them forever homes. We normally aren't very generous about sharing Mommy, but in this instance, it's OK with us. We feel very badly that there are so many kitties out there with no homes or people to call their own, so when Mommy goes there we tell her to work very hard and adopt those kitties! She went yesterday afternoon and found homes for three kitties! The best part was that two of the kitties were sisters and ten years old! Older kitties are the hardest ones to find homes for - a lot of people only want kittens because they think they can raise them "the way they want." We know better, you don't really know what kind of kittie a kitten is going to turn out to be. But Mommy does her best to educate and find the right kittie for the people who are looking. Mommy is also very careful when she comes home from Wayside. We want her to hug us and pet us right away, but she won't...not until she takes her shelter clothes and shoes off. She says she doesn't want us to catch anything. We tell her we love to catch things, but whatever it is she has for us to catch, she just won't let us. She says that we are coming into "kitten season." That always makes her very sad because Wayside will take in over 700 kittens over the spring and summer seasons. So many kitties with no homes. We know we are very lucky and we really don't mind sharing Mommy with Wayside Waifs.
All you kitties, give your person some love. You are lucky to have them!
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