March 23, 2007

A More Serious Side To Parker

Originally posted 3/11/07

I think that every kitty has a story on how they started a Catster page or how they started their very own blog and I am no different. My story involves a cat by the name of Skeezix (McSkeezix for St. Patty's Day on Catster). Skeezix is a very nice cat. He always welcomes new kitties into the blogworld and helps them if they are having bloggy trouble. He is very entertaining and honest about himself and never has a mean thing to say about anything or anyone. He wears cool clothes and rides around in a stroller! He loves his kitty brothers even when they pick on him for being little. He sponsors kitties who haven't found their forever homes yet.Skeezix really isn't the type of kitty that we normally would hang around with. He is a purebred kitty who came to his forever home from a breeder and we came from much, much humbler beginnings. But Skeezix is no snob! He has all kinds of kitty friends from all walks of life. He has taught me that it's way better to be nice than to be snarky (which I can be, if my kitty sensibilities are ruffled). Skeezix is the reason this kitty started to have a diary and a blog.So I have a favor to ask all of you kitties who read this. Skeezix is having some tummy trouble. He doesn't feel good. Visit his Catster page and give him a treat, go to his blog and send him get well wishes. For those of you who are so inclined, send him a kitty prayer. He deserves every bit of positive energy from all of us. Thanks for doing this. And Skeezix, if you read this, FEEL BETTER SOON!
Prayers and Get Well Purrs to all sick kitties, and prayers that homeless kitties become kitties with forever homes!

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