March 23, 2007

I Take My Job Seriously

As the spokescat for my family, I would like you cool kitties to know that we all have jobs to do for Mommy & Daddy here in the Middle of America.My sister, Puff was the first kitty to join Mommy & Daddy when they got married. Without going into a lot of detail in this entry, I'll just say she is a VERY good looking kitty. Her job is simple, she has to look gorgeous 24-7. And I have to admit, she is darn good at her job. Puff will be nine years old on April Fools day (how appropriate! Ha!), and she still loves to play and run around like her butt is on fire. We don't always get along because she thinks she is the Alpha cat, but I have to admit, I respect her place in our family.
My other sister, Powder joined Mommy & Daddy the same day that Puff did, but she was an "afterthought." I don't mean that in a bad way! Mommy & Daddy had only planned on one kitty, but when they saw her all itty bitty and scared and hidden in a bale of hay, they knew if they didn't take her she would be coyote bait and live a short, unhappy life. So, Powder came along and became part of their new, happy little family. Powder is meek and mild and skittish. Her only job is to keep Mommy's heart happy. And she does. Powder is pretty much a one-person kitty. That's OK, we all let her be, she loves to sit on her cat perch and gaze out of the window, all the while keeping Mommy's heart happy just by being her. Powder will be nine on April Fools Day *snickers again* (she really is Puff's biological sister).
My pesky brother Rudy has an important job as well. He is the patroller of the home. No bug is safe in this house! His other job is to play with our dog-brother, Diamond. They like to run around the house and wrestle. Rudy is a big man cat and he's fearless. The only thing he backs down from is Puff, who by the way, is Rudy's biological mother (Mommy & Daddy didn't know it, but Puff was already "knocked up" when they brought her home).
Last & certainly not least, is ME! I think you have guessed what my job is. I am the spokescat. I have the voice! I like to think I am the brightest of the felines around here. I have opinions! I have ideas! I have to go and find a sunbeam cause I am getting sleepy!
Have a very cool day & find a sunbeam of your own to nap in.
And, here's hoping lots of homeless kitties find their forever homes today!

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