March 23, 2007

A More Serious Side To Parker

Originally posted 3/14/07

My Mommy wants to take over for an entry, she has something to share and I told her it would be OK - like I have a choice! I have no thumbs, and she's a better speller than I am, plus there are treats for me involved. So anyway - go ahead Mommy....
Hi, Parker's Mom here. I just felt compelled to say a few things after all of the sad news I have been reading on the kitty blogosphere today. Kitties crossing the bridge, kitties preparing to cross the bridge and kitties who need homes. Some days are worse than others and today is one of the "worse" days. Without going into tedious detail, I am a 40-something woman who has always loved cats. Even when I was allergic. Yes, allergic. For 19 years. I finally outgrew, got over, built an immunity, whatever - but the good news was that I was no longer allergic. Enter T-Gray, my first true kitty love. Given as a halloween present to me by a good friend in college, little kitten T-Gray would be my best friend, confidant, bed warmer, traveling companion and all around good guy for 20 + years. Helping him across the bridge was as hard as losing some of my human family members. He outlived many a relationship, lived in 3 states & 7 homes, and never...not once, complained (even on a plane ride or three). As long as he had me and I had him, life was good. I was blessed with a "perfect" first cat. 10 + years later, I still miss him. He also taught me how to say good-bye with grace and love. I have had to do that two other times - once with a kitty, Payton, and another, with a beloved dog - Jordan. Anyway, back to my point - losing a pet... it hurts...a lot... and for a long time. And I just want to tell you readers out there that if you read about a kitty crossing the bridge, or getting close to the bridge, let them know that you have them in your thoughts. It means something to them and their people.I imagine in the future I may horn in on Parker's space again, (but truth be told, she's a softie about letting me have my way :) ).
Thanks for letting me say what was in my heart.
Parker's Mommy

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