October 27, 2007

A Cherish Meme For Miss Peach

Adan and Michico started this wonderul Meme for Miss Peach -
Hey, everyone, this time, I decide to start this cherish meme, here are some ways (depends on which person you write), and bring our love to Miss Peach~! She always makes us know what love is!
1. tell us what is the most sweetest warm thing you will do to your mommy (what is the sweetest thing that your kitty will do to you)
2. And, hug your mommy, tightly... (and, hug your kitty....tightly...)
3. Tag your good friend...
4. Leave your computer, and continuing hug each other...

I love my Mommy and Daddy very much! If I am in a room that they walk in to, I always meow hello to them. I also love to cuddle with them every night. Today I am being extra-sweet and thinking gentle thoughts for Miss Peach. I cherish every day with my family!
I will go now and smooch my Mommy.
I tag everykitty!


Skeeter And LC said...

We have seen so many wonderful memes dedicated to Miss Peach (one of the nicest kitties we efer met). We're decided on what to say ourselfs.

Skeeter and LC

michico*Adan said...

I love to know that you mieow to say hello to your human.
I can imagine the picture, that must very very sweet~! And your face must like an angel~!!!!

Christine and FAZ said...

We are purring real hard for Miss Peach in the UK too. FAZ

Karen Jo said...

I love this meme for Miss Peach and how quickly it has spread. I did it, too, since everybody has been tagged more than once.