April 2, 2007

There's Got To Be A Morning After...

WOW - WHAT A PARTY! Here's the gang this morning -

Powder - with a "nipover"

Puff won't get out of bed -"Hisssss Mom! Shhh!"

Rudy can't remember much... "I think I had fun..."

Napping on a throw rug in the sun helps, a little...

"D.D. here (designated doggy), they made me give 'em pony rides...sigh"

After Mommy got back from Wayside Waifs yesterday and poor Rudy got released from his Catster kenneling imprisonment we got down to serious party business! The salmon was yummy, Mommy and Daddy gave us lots of lovin' and played games with us and we broke out the 'nip. That's where things get a little fuzzy. I do remember the D.O.G. giving us rides around the living room and something about toy mice and the bath tub. Oh, and bunny kicking a few throw rugs. It was fun but I think we all need a day of naps to recover. Rudy has a birthday in May and I'm already wondering how the parents are gonna' top todays' festivities!


Daisy said...

Looking at you I can tell it was a great party. You deserve to take the day off to rest and recover. I can also tell from the doggy's face that he had to give many many many pony rides. Hahahaha!

ps: I'm glad Rudy got out of the Kennel.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Wow, that looks like the aftermath of my beans NYE party....Actually, except for bunny kicking throw rugs, it sounds like thier party! ha ha ha. Just kidding. Poor DD, he just looks tired. Maybe some extra treatsies for him today. You all take lotsa naps and snuggle bunches to recover.
I don't know much about catster, but being kenneled does not sound fun. Glad you've been sprung Rudy!

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Everycat loves a good party! It sounds like you all had a nice time.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Sounds like you all partied enough for my b-day too! Thanks! Oh, and I've been meaning to say Parker....any lovely lady can be a Charmer! I'd be honored if you joined!


The Meezer Gang said...

Sounds like you guys had a fantastic party! Mondays are great napping days, too!

Suzanne said...

sacked out all over the house! are your mama and daddy sacked out too?

happy birthday to powder and puff!


The Meezers said...

sounds like a great party!! wooo-hooo!!!

Eponine's Cowboy said...

Please provide an update.....Is there a great new challenge.

When is Furball? I'll check it out.

I tried to e-mail your mom but the message was returned undeliverable.

Love your blog, Parker!

Chairman Mao said...

Wow, what fun! Sounds like a great party. Enjoy your post-party catnaps!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Oh, my! You guys got ... hee, hee, hee ... wasted! It's a good thing your fambly was around to capture it all on film. Let the blackmail begin!


everyone looks pretty weary after such a big party. It is fun to celebrate and hard to stop!!

Rudy was a good sport. Pony rides sound like a lot of fun!