April 3, 2007

Mobile Adoptions, Hot Cars and Cool Cats!

Check out this cool trailer!
It helps wayside animals find homes all over kansas city
don't you LOVE that graphic? Mommy loves going on mobile adoptions with the Wayside animals. It's amazing how successful mobile adoption events are. K.C.'s big home show was last weekend and 129 amimals were adopted between Thursday evening and Sunday night. It was a record for Wayside Waifs!

This is the event that Mommy worked on Sunday before our party

April 1, 2007,Noon to 4pm -Rain date: April 15th
On April 1st, Wayside Waifs will host the first annual Hot Cars for Cool Cats. This car show will raise money for the thousands of homeless animals that pass through our doors. If you are interested in participating, download our entry form.
In addition to all those hot cars we will have some cool cats and hot prices. On event day, every cat adoption will be only $50.

The weather was purrfect and a lot of people came to see the cars and adopt kitties -

Like this little dreamboat, Beatrix - Mommy packed Beatrix's bags just as the show was closing. She went to a great home. Mommy's eyes leaked - but in a good way!

Happy Gotcha' Day Beatrix! And no April Fool!


The Meezer Gang said...

Oh we are so happy for Beatrix! She is the prettiest kitty!

Daisy said...

Hi Parker! What a cool trailer! That seems like a great way to increase adoptions, and wow, 129 adoptions is fantastic.

I am happy for little Beatrix, she is very cute. It is always bittersweet when one of the cats gets adopted because you will never see them again. But it is so happy that they get a forever home.

Dragonheart said...

Both the trailer and the Hot Cars event sound very cool! How wonderful for your mom to help out. :) I'm so glad to hear that Beatrix found a Forever Home. She is adorable!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Oh my goodness, what a success rate! That is wonderful, lots of new furrever homes!


DEBRA said...

Oh what a wonderful way for April to start for Beatrix. That is furry gud! We love to hear about kitties finding their forever home.

LOVED the graphics those were very kool!!


Suzanne said...

129 gotcha days this past weekend! that's awesome. your mama is someone to be proud of, parker!


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

your mommy rocks! i'm very happy she is so successful with the adoptions. all kitties deserve forever homes like we have.
what great events they hold! our shelter holds auctions and walks where you can sponsor beans and all kindsa stuff. what a great way to volunteer!

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

Beatrix is a beauty, and we have happy tears for her, too!

The trailer is amazing. I wish every major city had something like that!


Oh sweeeeet. Beatrix is soooo cute

That is a cool trailer.

Happy Gotcha Day Beatrix <3


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

That is so great! What a wonderful way to adopt kitties and woofies into good homes!


DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow! That's furry fantastic! Your mama should be proud to participate in such a worthwhile endeavor. Oh, and concatulations to Beatrix! I hope that she's furry happy in her furrever home!

yao-lin said...

What a lovely idea, someone should do that where i live. And take baby Mao.


Derby said...

How cool to have a mobile adoption truck. Bring the animals to the people!

Daisy said...

Hi again, Parker! Guess what? There is another meme! I tagged you, so go to my blog for details if you want to play too!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Beatrix looks a little concerned but we are sending the best furever home thots to her. She'll be in love wif her new beans in no time. That am the coolest lookin graphic on dat truck! Wow.

Chairman Mao said...

Oh wow, 129 adoptions! That is so wonderful. And I'm happy for Beatrix! It's always such a wonderful thing to get a forever home, full of love and chin scritches.

Karen Jo said...

I love the graphics on the truck. Congratulations to Beatrix and the other 128 cats and dogs. I am very happy for all of them. You Mom is really great to help out.