April 14, 2007

Look Who Mommy Met Today! Bob! A Cat!

"Hi, I'm Bob, Wanna' Little Smoochy?"
As predicted, Mommy couldn't not go to the shelter in O Hi O (yeah, I know, bad grammar, but that's how I talk!). She spent the afternoon getting to know the kitties there. She can't volunteer 'till she goes through an oryintashun, but they let her meet and cuddle some fabulous felines. I just don't know how to feel about this. Daddy said that I should be happy that Mommy gave some homeless kitties a little lovin', but that's just what I don't like! The lovin' should all be for me! She's my Mommy! Mommy told Daddy that the shelter In O Hi O is way smaller than Wayside Waifs, but it was very clean and the people seemed to be taking good care of the cats. Mommy said hello to all of the feline residents, but there was one that she really got a "kitty-jones" for. That would be Bob. He's orange and has been there since 2005! The following is the shelter's description of Bob:
"Bob is a 2 1/2 old orange tiger. Bob came to our shelter with a tail injury and had to have it surgically removed. With a little time and TLC he is doing well. Bob would love to go to a new home with his best friend Cash. healing. Bob is as good as new."
Bob looks like a rumpy manx. But apparently he started life out with a tail. No one at the shelter knew if he ever had a home before. Bob was snoozing in a wicker basket when Mommy met him. She said he woke up, squinted at her and chirped "hello!" He then stood up, stretched and sauntered over to where Mommy was sitting and hopped right into her lap (her lap...sigh...). Bob has a wicked loud purr and he's a gentleman with his claws. Mommy melted and spent a long time lovin' on Bob. So everykitty, here's hoping that Bob gets a forever home very soon and that Mommy can resist his handsome and suave ways.


Beau Beau & Angie said...

Bob looks like a real nice cat. Yur mom is nice to spread around her love and that's nice of you to feel good about it too.

Derby said...

Bob seems like a nice cat. Plus if he has been there since 2005, he has spent most of his live in the shelter! I hope he finds a home soon!

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

OH I am such a sucker for Gingers. I so wish that I could take him in, he and his friend Cash. My husband would leave me. LOL! Oscar wouldn't allow it. OH WHAT TO DO?! He's been there for 2 years, the angel needs a home! Parker, you have a wonderful Mommy for sharing a little love with a kitty who really needed it.

Tara said...

How could a cat like that not find a forever home! Poor baby, Mom wants to bring him home!

Karen Jo said...

Poor Bob. I wonder why he has been there so long. He looks like a sweet kitty with lots of love to share. Your Mom was very nice to give him some of her love. Don't worry, she will have plenty left for you when she gets home. The more love a person gives away, the more they have.

Dragonheart said...

Bob looks like a very sweet cat. I hope he finds a wonderful Forever Home soon!

Daisy said...

Bob does look like a great cat. My Mommie sometimes wonders too, at the cats at the shelter who never get adopted. And then another cat gets adopted after only 2 days. It is hard to figure out.

I hope Bob gets a forever home soon.

Forty Paws said...

Uh oh. U mite haf a brudder soon.

Luf, Us

jeter harris said...

i like da look uv bob! hee'z luckee dat yer mom spent sum time wid him. i hope he getz a furrever home soon!
mi sistah kallie came into dis familee widowt a tail herself. we all wunder wut happened to it. we don't know becuz she wuz a "stray"
luv--yer frend--jh