March 23, 2007

Do You Have A Routine?

Originally posted 2/25/07

Do you have a routine that you follow? I do. I like to sit near Mom and Dad's head every morning and stare at them until they wake up. They enjoy that. A lot. When they get out of bed, I must lead them directly to the kitchen and remind them where my food is so they can open the can! Then it's time to eat, then it's time to groom. After I do all of that I have to patrol the house and check for anything that is new or out of place. Then it's time to go on the back porch and check out the wildlife. I'm not always allowed out there if the humans think it's too cold, or rainy, or snowy...whatever. Then it's time for a long, long nap. I enjoy the comfort of the human bed or, if the fireplace is burning, that's where you will find me. When the humans come home, it's time for a snack! Since the evil V.E.T. has me on a diet, I have to plead and beg pretty hard for treats. I hate having to do that! It's beneath me to beg, but hey, a gal's gotta eat, right? I can turn on the sad kitty face just as well as anykitty. After the humans eat, I assist in kitchen cleanup, just in case they drop anything , then it's snuggle and play time. After that, time for a long night of bed hogging and snuggling. It's tough being me! I barely remember my feral life, these humans of mine are pretty cool.
Till next time!

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