March 23, 2007

The Bittersweet Side To Spring

Here's What I am Going To Miss -

Sigh...Mommy and Daddy cleaned out the fireplace real good. Then they put away the tools. You know what that means, no more fires in the fireplace for a gazillion sleeps. I love the fireplace. I is a wonderful place to snooze by. It gets my furs very warm and I can sleep at the end of the sofa near Mommy. I dream of chasing fake mousies and eating shrimp, and all sorts of secret kitty things. And now, it's done. Gone. Cleaned out. Bye-bye winter. I'll miss you!

But! Mommy reminded me that now I get more back porch time! And sun! And bird and squirrel watching! And warm breezes to sniff! And maybe, just maybe, a few supervised strolls in the backyard! Maybe Springtime isn't a bad thing after all!

Maybe I'll even see a real live peep! (yum!)

Welcome Springtime!

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