June 13, 2008

She Did Win.

My Dearest Storm,
You did win.
I have such respect for you and your family for fighting this awful disease with grace and dignity. I respect your willingness to share your experience with other kitties and humans. You remained beautiful and thoughtful and humorous throughout all of these trials and tribulations.
I know that your final journey was one that was surrounded in love.
I will miss you being here with us a great deal, but I know that you are going to such a wonderful place and I know my Ones Who Came Before are there to greet you with love.
And, when it is my time, I hope you will greet me as well. Even though we never met in person, I know we will recognize each other.
One last smooch and all of my love to you Stormie.
Godspeed my Furry Fighting Friend...xoxoxox


michico*Adan said...

We will meet one day at the bridge... I believe in it...

Anonymous said...

Farewell, Sweet Stormie.

DEBRA said...

Momma's eyes are leakin...

Purrs and farwell sweet Stormie

and Gracie

jenianddean said...

What a touching tribute for one of the bravest cats we've ever known! Rest in peace Stormie.

-The McKitten-Cats

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

That was beautiful Parker. We can't say more as there is too much leaking.


The Furry Kids said...

Beautiful post, Parker.
Rest in peace, Sweet Stormie.

Tara said...

Lovely Parker. I miss Storm already.


Tybalt said...

This is beautiful, Parker.

I already miss our Stormie so much. We are all leaky-eyed at my house.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We will miss her too. She had so many friends and so many tributes. Yours is lovely.

purrs and tail wags

PB & J said...

That was a beautiful tribute Parker. We will miss our friend. But we are comforted knowing that she is no longer suffering.

Boy said...

I'll definitewy miss Storm. She's my hewo!

Max said...

Oh yeah, she did win. Like Gold Metal win. Platinum, if they gave one of those out.

TT said...

Our hearts are filled with sorrow but not as much as it is filled with joy for the heroic Storm, that has touched down and surrounded our lives!

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Stormie will be forever loved, forever missed by so many.

~~ The Bunch

China Cat said...

That is such a lovely tribute to Sweet Stormie!

There are a lot of eyes leaking in the Blogosphere today! Willow and I are so sad that Storm had to go to the Bridge but we are so glad that she isn't in pain anymore.

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

Lux said...

I loved reading your tribute to Stormie. She will be missed.


Daisy said...

That was really beautiful. My eyes leak all over again when I read the lovely tributes to Stormie. I will miss her so much.

ps: Something seems to be a little bit wrong with Bloglines, because I see I missed a couple of your posts and it shows no new updates.

Princess said...

Beautiful absolutely lovely Parkerkins.

Stormie was a beautiful girl
I feel very privileged to have had her as a friend
I am really going to miss her

Purrrs to all of you

goldenshade said...

Wonderful tribute , Parker.

Storm was an inspiration.


Goldie and Shade