October 5, 2007

Our Friend Jasmine Has gone to the Bridge

R.I.P. Jasmine
Please go and pay your respects to Darling Millie and Mom Lynne. Their lovely Jasmine went to the Bridge today. They just lost their wonderful Gizzy cat last April - not even six months ago. We can't imagine how hard this must be for them. Now Jasmine is with her brother Gizzy. Peace and love to you - you are in our prayers.


Lux said...

I was so sorry to read this. What a difficult time.


Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Oh I am so heartbroken for Millie and her mommy! So very sad. Jasmine is with Gizzy now and that is a good thing not to be alone at the bridge. Guess what I did today? I came out of my frying pan this evening and stayed out up till now...that would be over five hours! Plus mommy gave me a bath today...she said a week of stinky sick bay made mean icky girl cat. Then I slept on my soft fuzzy blue blanket infront of the warm stove. Life if great because I am getting better:)
Thanks for loving me...Miss Peachy

Hot(M)BC said...

It's so hard for Millie and her Mommy. Yoo did a furry grate tribute to Jasmine.
Sanjee and the Gang

Benjamin Fuzz said...

this is another week of great losses. we are very sorry to hear about jasmine and will go give some love and support in a minute.

with love

Skeeter And LC said...

We were sad to hear that Jasmine went ofer the Bridge. But we think she is happier there.

Leavin is always too soon, but sometimes for the best.


Skeeter and LC

Karen Jo said...

I am really sad about Jasmine, but she was very sick and this was the best thing for her. Her Mom and Millie will miss her terribly. I will miss her, too. I always liked reading about how Jasmine would inspect the Gizzy quilts.