April 19, 2007

Thirteen Things - You Have Questions, I Have Answers

Hi Everykitty! I'm posting 13 things, some are answers to questions you have asked and the rest are things I've been thinking about.

First the Questions -

1. Derby asked "Are you sure you don't want another kitty in the house? (Referring to Bob and the other kitties at the shelter Mommy visited).Ummmmmm.......Yup, I'm sure. I have 3 other kitty siblings AND a dog! With just Mommy and Daddy to look after us, we have reached the maximum pet allowance for daily snuggles and lovin' - since Mommy travels a lot for her job, there is no extra time for another furry creature in MY home!

2. Daisy Mae asked "Are you a Mackerel Tabby? Yup, yup, I am. My swirls are gorgeous and when you look at my sides you can get dizzy from the pattern!

3. Karen Jo asked "Why has Bob been at the shelter so long? (way over a year) Mommy isn't sure, cause he is a sweetie-pie. She thinks that the shelter isn't very aggresive about marketing and they have hours that aren't very user-friendly. Bob is a dream boat of a cat and Mommy has kinda' made it her mission to find him a great forever home!

4. Kim and Oscar asked if my brother Rudy is a Maine Coon mix. Mommy doesn't think so, she thinks he's just fluffy and has come from a stout stock of cats! His Mommy Puff is no petite princess and who the heck knows what Daddy was/is!

5. Mr. Hendrix asked what shelter Mommy went to in O Hi O. Well, it's the Allen County Shelter. It's lovely, just under-visited!

6. Tara wanted to know what are crystals that we use in our litterboxes. We LOVE Tidy Cat Crystals! Since there are four of use felines and four litter boxes, we need to use a litter that absorbs and eliminates any odor. The crystals are wonderful at doing both, so we've used crystals ever since they came out with them. Plus they look like diamonds!

7. The Meezer Gang asked when Mommy was coming home. Well you guys, I am so sad about this question. She was supposed to fly home tomorrow, but she has to stay FOR ANOTHER 2 WEEKS! And then, she will come home just for a visit and WILL HAVE TO GO BACK AGAIN! FOR ANOTHER 2 WEEKS! The job has turned into a "project", which is good for business, but bad for getting lovin' from Mommy. We really love Daddy and he takes excellent care of us, but he isn't Mommy. But the job is what keeps us in food and crystals and toys and 'nip and the roof over our furry little heads, so we have to be strong and hope the "project" gets over with sooner, rather than later. Sigh...

8. No more questions to address from other kitties, but I have one - Is it just me or is there a lot more sad than glad lately? My eyes have been leaking so much with kitties who have gone to the Bridge, sick kitties, crazy humans doing awful things...I just don't know what is going on anymore. I hope we start getting good news for a change.

9. I am happy about the weather! It finally seems like Mr. Spring has come to K.C. and I have had naps on my porch in the sunshine! Hooray!

10. Mommy is still worried about our food, but feels like you can't trust any of it. She's sticking with what our vet said to do and is praying that it's the right decision.

11. My Daddy says that we are all losing our winter coats at the same time and that his arm is tired from trying to keep up with all the brushing he has to do. He misses Mommy too!

12. My Mommy says she has a hard time sleeping at night 'cause there are no kitties to cuddle with or to steal her pillow!

13. My last thing for Thursday 13 is to wish all of you kitties lots of love, treats and sunny nap spots!

I leave you with my sister Puff, looking cute and begging Daddy for a treat. Say it together now, "Awwww."


Suzanne said...

you're right about there seeming to be too much bad/sad stuff going on in the world. maybe if we concentrate our perfect kitty energy, we can effect some change!


Daisy said...

This has been a very very very sad week. I hope next week is better. My eyes have been leaking a lot too.

ps: I use those litter crystals too. They are good.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

woah, i'll bet she gets lotsa treatsies with that face. yeah, we have been very sad this week. lotsa wet eyes. it is nice we have such a great, supportive group to help those who are hurting.
Great idea to answer your questions in your bloggy. Poor kitties and woofie, you must miss your mommy something awful. My mommy said she feels for your mommy, no kitties to sleep with is hard to sleep good.
Wishing you love, treats and sunny nap spots too!!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Awwwww.....you are right!

I bet it is awful wtihout your Momma there. I know mine has never been gone for more than 3 days.


The Crew said...

Puff, you look gorgeous!

The Meezer Gang said...

Geez, your Mom is going to be gone for a month now!!! That is soooo long! Parker you can teleport to our house for a visit to make the time go by faster, if you want to!

Eric and Flynn said...

We agree, this last week does seem to have been worse than usual. We hope things begin to get better now,starting with Lilly Lu getting better.
We know how you feel with your mum away. Our Beans go on too many holidays and leave us at home feeling sad. They are even going away again next week for a few days. Maybe we can come over and see you seeing as we are all going to be lonely.

Skeeter & LC said...

Much sad stuff, an much interesting stuff. There was a Thursday Thirteen that will keep us thinking a few lights...

Derby said...

A good Thursday Thirteen. I agree it it seems that we have hit a sad patch in the blogosphere and the world in general. Hope this get glad again.

Forty Paws said...


That's a wunnerful list Parker.

Frum G.T., he sez he dunt like shrimp and he dunt like tuna. Bud he duz like ham. Bud we ran owtta ruum cuz we hit 13. We mite hafta haf a contin-you-a-shun next Thurzday.

Yup, dis week sux.

Luf, Us

=^..^= said...

All the best to Bob. I hope he finds his Furever Home soon coz I know he'll be so lurved and happee when he finally gets there.

Hang in there, Bob!


jeter harris said...

wutta grate idea fer a thursday thirteen, parker!
i'm sorree yer mom hasta spend so much time in o-hi-o ... it would be verree hard fer me if mi mom hadta be away.
dis haz been a terribul week. i hope dat nex week will be better.
yer sistah puff iz verree byootiful.
luv--yer frend--jh

Tiger Lily said...

Thank you for your purrs and purrayers for my Grandpa. He's doing really well and is home already! (And I think I might be getting just a little bit vain about my toes.)

We'll be purraying for Lilly Lu.

Bogdan, the editor said...

Parker: That's a great Q&A report!

-The Morning Scratch investor

Dragonheart said...

Puff does look very cute in that photo!

It has been a very sad week. I am keeping all those in need in my prayers.

Sorry that your mom has to be gone for so long. Sounds like it's a good thing for her job, though, although not so good for you kitties.

Karen Jo said...

Awwww! Puff looks so cute. I am very glad that your Mom is going to try to help Bob find a forever home. I am really sorry that she has to be away from you for so long. It's not just you, things have been very sad this week.

Tara said...

Thanks for answering the question on crystals..I may ask mom to try them.

There has been a lot of sadness this week... but some of it is what comes with life (I don't count VT in that one).

Love and hugs