April 5, 2007

Parker's Infamous "Paw of Death'

This photo of me is very close to the look on my face right before I give the D.O.G. my "Paw of Death." He never knows if I'm really gonna' do it or if I'm only bluffing, and that's the way I like it! Last night I was snoozing on Mommy, doing my very best to make her feel guilty for leaving us in a few sleeps and up pops the D.O.G. He had the gall to stick his cold, black snout in my space, so I unleashed the paw! Here's how it goes in simple feline steps;
  1. Meow! Loudly!
  2. Raise whichever paw is closest to the canine offender
  3. Take a small step back, lifting the paw higher in the air
  4. Smackola! Right on the snout! (I sometimes pretend I'm going for his eyes, but I promise, I have never done it!) My parents would never let me do that, we're lovers, not haters!
  5. Resume snoozing, act as if nothing has happened
  6. Repeat, as necessary

I NEVER use my claws (that would just be rude!), it's more of a "Bap!" The D.O.G. exits, stage left, and I am left in peace. I think I was so cranky 'cause of Mommy leaving. Sometimes I actually think the D.O.G. is O.K. I think he wants to be pals with us felines - but most of the time I'm just not that "into" him!


Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Oh we may have to try this with our D.O.G. but she usually just eats our food and ignores us. But for fun we can try! No claws right? Sending Purrs and Scritches

DEBRA said...

We don't have a D.O.G, we're not really sure what that is cuz we don't have one. From the sounds of it we don't want one eiffurr. The look on your face tells me exactly to not intrude on your Mommie space. Just like a good kitty would always do with their Mommie!


The Meezer Gang said...

We don't have a D.O.G. either, but if we did, that's how we would treat em'! Bap! Bap! Sounds like fun!

Forty Paws said...

Yup. Grate move! Bow duz that to keep the youngins in place. Yup, you're rite bowt Bow purrin at da V-E-T cuz he wuz skeert.

Luf, Us

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

I get along with everyone as long as I don't have to share MOMMY! I can't handle sharing my Mommy, she belongs to me. Well, Ok, I use to share with my dog, buddy (rainbow bridge) and my brother, Arthur (also at the Raibow Bridge. But I don't share anymore.

You're very nice not to use your claws. You're a true gentlecat!

jeter harris said...

parker ... u have a d-o-g?
i don't hav one ... but wen i see one owtside it scarez me.
mi sistah kallie offen givz da "paw uv death" to anycat hoo darez to come neer her. mi noo brudder matsui getz da paw uv death alot!
he'll learn!

Beau said...

I don't have a d-o-g either. Some of them are okay, but others just annoy the heck out of ya', like the hyper, yappy ones who NEVER shut up! Training them to respect us is VER"Y important! Thanks for the info and love the picture!!


I have never tried this technique on a D.O.G. but I have tried it on Caesar and I agree, it is very very effective.


*Your picture is adorrrrabible

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oooo that is a paw of death! Poor woofie, he doesn't stand a chance. Maybe you can share your mommy sometimes with him, he sounds like he may be lonely being the only woofie and all.
i am impressed by your style. you even give him a couple of warnings (the meow, raising the paw). very classy moves. it is uncouth to rush right into the fry...

Tara said...

We don't have a D.O.G either, but what great technique!

Daisy said...

Oh Parker, the Paw of Death sounds like a very great tool! I am going to practice using it on Pixie..... uh, wait a minute.... my Mommie said NO. Never mind.

ps: I really liked the article your Mommy wrote about her volunteer experience.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

I gotta do that to Scout all the time. Keeps the kid in line. -Shaggy

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

excellent! I don't have a dog to bop, but I enjoy bopping my annoying brother Cocoa

Chairman Mao said...

Oh icky, icky poo, a D. O. G.! We don't have one of those in the house. But I might try your paw bop on Dorydoo if she gets too fussy-wussy with me.

Lux said...

No dog here, but I'll remember what you said if there ever is.

Seth Martin said...

See heroic cats in action at http://packofthree.blogspot.com/

The P3! Success in the face of danger is all the thanks they need!

Dragonheart said...

Oh, that's a great expression on your face Parker! No woofies here, and I think I like it that way!