March 31, 2007

On the Menu

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!
There are three more of these in the freezer! One for each of us! I LOVE birthdays!
Daddy will grill these for us, it will be Puff and Powder's birthday dinner. We'll get some tuna juice with our breakfast. Mommy says that she'll have a tuna sammich for lunch since the can will aready be open. I hope she shares that too!
Mommy here - no sharing of the sandwich, I'll be eating it at Wayside Waifs!
This part is a test - Victor


Parker said...

Mommy did it! She linked to another place on my post! Thanks China and Victor! Another small step for Mommy on the computer!
And hey - whatta'bout that Salmon!?! Mmmmm-Mmmmm good!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow ... Parker, you're furry lucky to be havin' salmon (and to have three more packages of salmon in the freezer). And tuna juice, too? I don't get that unless grandad's here 'cuz Mom doesn't eat fish.

We hope that Powder and Puff have a great 9th birthday tomorrow!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Mmmm, salmon! That's the firstest bean food Bonnie would eat. I'll try anyfing, no matter what they say, but she's picky.
Concats on learning the linky! It's not hard once you know the format.
For my purrthday, we gots some canned Tuna for Cats from Trader Joe's and Mom said it looked good enuf fur peoples!

Ariel said...

Mmmm Salmon and Tuna Juice your so lucky.Thanks for the sweet comment on my Acatemy Award entry.

Eric and Flynn said...

Mmmmm salmon!! We love real salmon. Happy Purrfday Powder and Puff.


ooooohhhhhh salmon.... mmmmmmm
I like tooona too. ooooOOooooOOOOoooo
you kitties are haivng a great mmmmYUMYUM party mmmmmI can smell it over here.... okay maybe i am just imagining it.

Happy Happy Happy fishykinda Birthday

snack and treats and toys!!!

Fancidots said...

MMMMM Samon !! YUMM --- purrrrr
We like samon here too! Owr meowmy has a bean friend in Alaska, who always sends us packets of samon for Catmas.

Thanks for yur comments on my blog - I'll be linking yur blog to mine, too, if yu dont mind.

yur new littel pal

Derby said...

There should be some kitties at the Wayside who would like some tuna!

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

Oh, we do so love salmon too!!!!! We'll be back tomorrow to wish Happy Birthday wishes! Now we are going to dream about salmon!

Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow

Daisy said...

That looks DELICIOUS!