April 1, 2015

Our April Fool's Kitten Turns 17! Happy Birthday Powder!

I enjoy naps...and treats...and singing the song of my people...
So...I'm the senior member of this family and I take my position seriously. I know I've been the quiet one on this blog, but since I lost my sister Puff last December, I need to speak up a bit more. We all miss her very much. Puff and I had the same birthday, but today we'll celebrate my birthday solo and I plan on spending it doing anything I want. Last year the 'rents found out I have hyperthyroidism and now I take tasty chicken flavored medicine that helps me feel good. I still play, enjoy the 'nip and sitting on Mommy's lap whenever she tries to sit down.
I use to be an obsessive groomer, but I stopped doing that a few months ago. I also decided that Mommy isn't allowed to brush me anymore. So...clumpy mat city happened. Dr. Webster had to take the clippers to my back. I'm now sporting a reverse Mohawk. It's not a look that every kitty can pull off, but I do - I look great!

I thought I would post a blog from my sister Parker from 2007 to commemorate that great day I came into this world. Thanks for visiting everyone - be kind - purr more and hiss less!


It's April Fool's Day and it's also the day in 1998 that my two calico sisters, Puff and Powder entered into this world. Born in a barn and destined to have a incredibly short, crappy life full of disease, hungry coyotes and extreme temperatures, these two gals hit the kitty jackpot. At the same time they were born Mommy and Daddy were getting ready to enter into wedded bliss and the only thing Mommy wanted for a wedding gift was a cat. Yup...one cat. Daddy already had a D.O.G. - a sweet guy by the name of Jordan. A Golden Retriever who was about the happiest, silliest canine around. So after the vows and the short, but very sweet honeymoon, Mommy and Daddy drove many, many miles into the flat and boring Southwest Kansas country for a calico (that was Daddy's only requirement).
They arrived at the farm and were directed to the barn. The people who lived there were not what you might call cat people. They were people who had cats in a barn. A lot of cats in the barn, an awful lot of cats in the barn! Mommy felt overwhelmed. Daddy searched till he found a little calico kitten who was busy chasing around with her littermates. He scooped her up, looked her over and called it good. Time to go, right? Well, not quite. Mommy had been looking around and noticed the ittyest, bittyest kitten (calico) in a bale of hay trying with all of her might to back her little butt into the hay so she wouldn't be noticed. This just made Mommy more determined to meet her and the closer Mommy got, the more this little ball of fluff burrowed and hissed and spit and hissed some more. Mommy was hooked by her determination. Daddy couldn't say no. So, in that awful barn in Kansas is where Mommy and Daddy started our little feline family. Puff and Powder got a great home, and as a result of them being incredibly cute and wonderful, more cats have been welcomed into this family, like ummmm - ME!
So Puff and Powder, thanks for not screwing things up for those of us who got to join you later. I hope we share the same food, bed, toys, windows, home and the love of our parents for many, many, many more birthdays to come. I really do love you more than tuna juice!


The Island Cats said...

Happy Birthday, Powder! Enjoy your day.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Powder ~ and love and purrs to your Bridge Angel sisfurs as well. xxxx

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Happy Happy Purrthday!

6 cats from Singapore said...

Happy Birthday Powder!!!!!!

pilch92 said...

Happy Birthday!! Very nice post, I enjoyed reading about you and your siblings.

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you are going to be blogging more! I don't know you very well, but Mommy sure misses you all!
with love, QUINN

Fuzzy Tales said...

Happy birthday, Powder. Those are wise words indeed, to purr more and hiss less. We hope you have a lot to purr about today, and every day.

Random Felines said...

HAPPY Birthday Powder!!!

KitKat said...

Happy Birthday sweet Powder!We enjoyed Parker's commentary as to how you came to be adopted along with Puff. We miss you and your siblings. Hope you have the best kitty birthday ever!
Angel Normie, Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

Brian said...

Happy Birthday Powder!!!

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

Happy birthday, Powder! I'm so glad you shared Parker's story of your and Puff's gotcha day... I'm not even sure Sparkle knew it!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Powder. We're sorry this is your first one without your sister, Puff, but she will never be forgotten. Have a great day and give your rents some extra cuddles.

meowmeowmans said...

Happy birthday, Powder. We hope you have a super super special day and year.

Cory said...

Happy Birthday Powder! It's my birthday today too and I'd love to celebrate with you!



The Florida Furkids said...

Happy Birthday Powder! We think you look pawsome and we hope you had a super special day.

The Florida Furkids

Quill and Greyson said...

Happy Birthday to you sweet Powder!!

wildcatwoods said...

Great story - Happy Birthday Powder!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Happy Birthday, Powder. We love your story and we also miss your sisters!

Honey P. Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday Powder!!!!!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Belated Happy Birthday Powder!
I seem to have lost you from my reader (probably when we went to Feedly after Google reader finished)and missed your last few posts. I came to wish Diamond Doggie a happy birthday at the Bridge.

Shari said...

Has the Best Birthday ever Parker!

Rose ...the not so kitten, kitten

Aakash said...

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